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Hi-Tech industries in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta : development trends in industrial cooperation / Joseph Y. S. Cheng, Zheng Peiyu
Descritores: Nova tecnologia | Hong Kong
Cota: PP007/AS|FO
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The 2003 District Council Elections in Hong Kong / Joseph Y. S. Cheng
Descritores: Hong Kong | Eleição
Cota: PP007/AS|FO
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Patterns and dynamics of China's international strategic behaviour / Joseph Y. S. Cheng, Zhang Wankun
Descritores: China | Parceria para a Paz
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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Broadening the concept of security in East and Southeast Asia : the impact of the Asian financial crisis and the September 11 incident / Joseph Y. S. Cheng
Descritores: China | Política externa | Crise financeira
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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The survival and development space for China's Labor NGOs : informal politics and its uncertainty / Joseph Y. S. Cheng, Kinglun Ngok, and Wenjia Zhuang
In: Asian Survey. - V. 50, nº 6 (Nov./Dez. 2010), pp. 1082-1106
Descritores: Organização não governamental | Política | Economia | China
Cota: PP007/AS|FO
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A chinese view of China's energy security / Jospeh Y.S. Cheng
In: Journal of contemporary China. - V. 17, nº 55 (Maio 2008), pp. 297-317
Descritores: Segurança | Energia | China
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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Sino-Vietnamese relations in the early twenty-first century : economics in command? / Joseph Y. S. Cheng
In: Asian survey. - V. 51, nº 2 (Mar./Abr. 2011), pp. 379-405
Descritores: Nacionalismo | Relações internacionais | Relações económicas | China | Vietname
Cota: PP007/AS|FO

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