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A note on the books sent to Prester John in 1515 by king Manuel I / David Hook. - [S.l. : s.n., (Lisboa : Tip. Silvas, Lda.. - p. 303-315 ; 23 cm. - «The embassy despatched by king Manuel I in the 1515 to the Ethiopian Ruler whom the Portuguese identified at that time with the legendary Prester John was an important event in contemporary eyes, and was accompanied by a diplomatic gift of considerable mangificence (...). Among the many items of which the gift was composed, there was a large consignment of books, a fact of some significance for the history of the diffusion of portuguese culture overseas (...)». Separata de "Stvdia", revista semestral, n.º 37 (dezembro de 1973).
Descritores: Portugal | Etiópia | História | Cultura
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