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Between Arabs, Turks and Iranians : the town of Basra, 1600-1700 / Rudi Matthee
Descritores: História
Cota: PP239/BS|FO
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Was safavid iran an empire? / Rudi Matthee
Descritores: Império Safávida | Irão
Cota: PP002/JE|FO
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Mint consolidation and the worsening of the late safavid coinage : the mint of Huwayza / Rudi Matthee
Descritores: Irão | Numismática
Cota: PP002/JE|FO
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Was Safavid Iran an empire? / Rudi Matthee
In: Journal of the economic and social history of the Orient. - V. 53, parte 1/2 (2010), pp. 233-265
Descritores: História | Irão
Cota: PP002/JE|FO