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The ownership reform in China : what direction and how far? / Sujian Guo
Descritores: China | Economia | Reforma económica
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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Economic reform in the urban land system in China / Ling-hin Li
Descritores: China | Reforma económica
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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WACL Conference, 10
The land reform program implemented in the Republic of China / prepared by the Secretariat of the 10th WACL and 23rd APACL Conferences. - [S.l. : s.n.], . - I, [1], 75 p. : il. ; 19 cm
Descritores: China | Reforma agrária
Cota: 5-54-95-34|BGUC
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The new generation of leadership and the prospect of political reform in China / Suisheng Zhao
In: Estudos sobre a China VIII / coord. Ana Maria Amaro, Dora Martins, Raquel Engenheiro ; pref. Óscar Soares Barata. - Lisboa : Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, 2006. - p. 257-268
Descritores: China | Reforma política
Cota: 9-(1)-7-51-31|BGUC
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The role of township and village enterprises in China's economic reform / Manuela Nêveda da Costa. - Lisboa : ISEG. CESA, . - 22 p. - Documentos de trabalho : CESA. 45)
Descritores: Reforma económica | Criação de empresas | China
Cota: Serial 89//45|ISEG
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The challenges of reform in China / Kenneth Lieberthal
Descritores: Reforma económica | China
Cota: PP238/DA|FO
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The process, objectives and patterns of investment system reform in China / Yao Guangye
Descritores: China | Economia | Investimento
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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Bureaucrats-entreprise negotiation in China's enterprise reform at the local level : case studies in Guangzhou / Anthony B. L. Cheung
Descritores: China | Reforma financeira
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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The cultural politics of curricular reform in China : a case study of geographical education in Shanghai / Andrew M. Marton
Descritores: China | Reforma da educação | Geografia
Cota: PP222/JC|FO
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The challenges of reform in China / Kenneth Lieberthal
In: Daxiyangguo : Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Asiáticos. - Nº 2 (2º semestre 2002), p. 37-45
Descritores: Ciências sociais | Macau | Portugal
Cota: CS-2035|FCM
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The reform paradox and regulatory dilemma in China's electricity industry / Chung-Min Tsai
In: Asian survey. - V. 51, nº 3 (Maio/Jun. 2011), pp. 520-539
Descritores: Electricidade | Energia | China
Cota: PP007/AS|FO
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Farmers' preferences regarding ownership and land tenure in Post-Mao China : unexpected evidence from eight counties / James Kai-sing Kung, Shouying Liu
In: The China Journal. - N.38 (July 1997), pp. 33-63
Descritores: China | Sector agrícola | Propriedade de bens
Cota: PP001/CJ|FO
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Indo-China relations and the reform of the United Nations / Raquel Vaz Pinto
Descritores: China | India | ONU
Cota: PP238/DA|FO