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The tragedy and hope of southern Sudan / Anthony Sylvester
In: Civilisations. - Vol. XII, (1972), p. 79-91
Descritores: África Oriental | Sudão | Tragédia
Cota: PP439|AHM
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The women of Mozambique. tragedy and hope / Cindi Courville. - Recensão da obra «And still they dance: women, war, and struggle for change in Mozambique» da autora Stephanie Urdang.
In: África Today [After the women's decade: the task ahead for África] / África Today Associates. - ISSN 0001-9887. - Vol. 37, Nº1 (1st quarter 1990), p. 65-66.
Descritores: Moçambique | Mulher | Situação social
Cota: s/cota|UCDA
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Ghost marriage and the cattle trade among the Atnot of the Southern Sudan / John W. Burton. - il. Possui bilbiografia e resumo em língua francesa
In: África : journal of the International Áfrican Institute. - Vol. 48, nº 4 (1978), p. 398-405
Descritores: Casamento | Usos e costumes
Cota: PP447|AHM
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The University of Cape of Good Hope and the University of South África, 1873-1946 / M. Boucher. - A study in national and imperial perspective.
In: Archives year book for south african history. - Vol. 36 No 1 (1972), p. 1-332
Descritores: África Meridional | África do Sul | Educação | Ciências sociais
Cota: PP346|AHM

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