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  1. A negra [6]
  2. A negra branca
  3. A negra Maria
  4. A negritude africana de língua portuguesa [6]
  5. A negritude na literatura angolana
  6. A negritude e a saudade [2]
  7. A negritude africana de língua portuguesa de Pires Laranjeira
  8. A negritude e a luta pelas independências na África portuguesa [8]
  9. A negrinha Tima
  10. A negritude nas colónias portuguesas
  11. A negritude dos mitos às realidades
  12. A negritude e a luta pelas independência na África Portuguesa
  13. A Nelson Mandela
  14. A nematode worm passed in the stools by a patient suffering from an irregular pyrexia of obsure origin
  15. A nené e o tempo
  16. A neomicina
  17. A nergia solar
  18. A nêspera [2]
  19. A neta do cosinheiro, romance historico e social
  20. A neta do cozinheiro
  21. A neta do arcediago [4]
  22. A neta de Jazira [3]
  23. A neurose de angústia na clínica psiquiátrica
  24. A neutralidade da reforma monetária
  25. A neutralidade portuguesa vista por um jornalista inglês
  26. A neve do norte saúda o novo ano lunar
  27. A neve sobre o passado
  28. A nevegação de Vasco da Gama através da pena dos cronistas
  29. A nevrose emigratória
  30. A new Áfrican acheul stage IV site in Tanganyika
  31. A new demining policy
  32. A new drug for alcoholism treatment
  33. A new ceratotrochus from the upper cretaceous of Portuguese East Africa
  34. A new deal in Central Africa
  35. A new account of the East-Indies [2]
  36. A new approach to presenting art and culture [2]
  37. A new beginning, imperial art of the yongle period [2]
  38. A new Chinese discourse of India
  39. A new clinical syndrome producing hypertension
  40. A new community on the cards
  41. A new development of the LNEC stress tensor gauge
  42. A new dialogue between authors and readers
  43. A new discovery of Stegodon in Early Pleistocene sediments from the Sumedang area, West Jawa, Indonesia
  44. A new account of East India and Persia being nine years' travels [2]
  45. A new adult point-of-view in Angola?
  46. A new anomodont taxon from the mozambican karoo (Niassa province, late permian) = Um novo táxone do karoo moçambicano (província do Niassa, pérmico superior)
  47. A new approach to cosmology
  48. A new approch to diamond mining at Kimberley
  49. A new concept for a classic collection
  50. A new concept for the Museum of Indian Art [2]
  1. A new copper-plate grant of Harsavardhana from the Punjab, year 8
  2. A new dam
  3. A new dan in the pipeline
  4. A new dictionary of the portuguese and english languages
  5. A new account of the East Indies giving an exact and copious description of the situation, product, manufacturers, laws, customs, religion, trade, etc. of all countries and islands wich lie between the Cape of Good Hope and the island of Japon
  6. A new account of the east-indies being the observations and remarks of Alexander Hamilton from the years 1688 to 1723
  7. A new account of the East-Indies being the observations and remarks of Capt. Alexander Hamilton from the year 1688-1723
  8. A new dictionary of chemistry
  9. A new dynamism in Sino-Japanese security relations
  10. A new biting ceratopogonie from India
  11. A new account of the East-Indies being in the observations and remarks of Capt. Alexander Hamilton from the year 1688-1723
  12. A new canadian program
  13. A new deal between Áfrican writers and publishers
  14. A new histeresis effect in magnetism
  15. A new genus of Compositae (Astereae) from the flora Zambesiaca area
  16. A new genus of compositae, asterae from the folra zambeziaca area
  17. A new hybrid palm from Amazonian Brazil, Oenocarpus x andersonii
  18. A new era of commitment to South Asian Art [2]
  19. A new framework programme [2]
  20. A new history of southern Africa [2]
  21. A new genus and a new species of Stenopodainae Stal from Southern India (Heteroptera
  22. A new genus and species of Diparinae from Angola. (Hym., Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae)
  23. A new geografical and historical grammar wherein the geografical part is truly modern and the present state of the several kingdom's of the world
  24. A new family of keeled ammonistes from the albian of Zululand
  25. A new genus and species of Diparinae from Angola (Hym., Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae) [4]
  26. A new home for the Riverside Collection [2]
  27. A new future for Rhodesia's legendary gold deposits
  28. A new general collection of voyages and travels consisting of the most esteemed relations, wich have been hitherto published in any language
  29. A new industry clocks on
  30. A new life for literati painting in the early twentieth century
  31. A new look at the life and career of Vasco da Gama
  32. A new imperial history
  33. A new look at old Chinese artworks [2]
  34. A new look into the historiography concerning the expanding empires
  35. A new look at social medicine [2]
  36. A new imperial history culture, identity, and modernity in Britain and the empire
  37. A new light on Asian Art [2]
  38. A new look at the history of Ghana
  39. A new map of África? reflections on the horn
  40. A new life of Saint Francis Xavier [3]
  41. A new method for the complete determination of the state of stress in roch masses
  42. A new pasitomachthes from Rhodesia (hymenoptera, apoidea)
  43. A new perspective in guiding ethnic relations in the twenty-first century [2]
  44. A new Namibia policy for the United States
  45. A new political paradigm for India
  46. A new poetic voice from sEnegal
  47. A new portuguese strategy in Africa
  48. A new primate from Nyasaland
  49. A new problem on the preservation of woodworks in Mozambique
  50. A new novel from Angola

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