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Book Reviews : Urbanization / Richard H. Hosier. - Richard Tomlinson. Urbanization in post-apartheid South África, London and Boston : Unwin Hyman, 1990 xiv+239 pp. bibliography, Index Maps, Tables; Davis M. Smith, ed the apartheid city and beyond : urbanisation and social change in South África, London and New York: Routledge and witwatersrand university press, 1992. xii+322 pp. bibliography, index, maps, tables; Anthony Lemon, ed homes apart : South África's segragated cities. Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana University press.
In: Áfrican Studies Review. - Vol. 36, nº 1 (Abr. 1993), p. 149-152
Descritores: África Meridional | África do Sul | Pós-apartheid | Urbanismo | Desenvolvimento urbano
Cota: PP958|AHM