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Land policy in southern África during the nineth century / A. J. Christophy
In: Zambézia Journal of Social Studies in Southern and Central África. -Vol. 2, nº 1 (1971), p. 1-9
Descritores: África Meridional | lei de Terras
Cota: PP458|AHM
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Moçambique : nova taxa para uso e aproveitamento de terra. - Ilustrado.
In: África Hoje. - (Jan. 1999), p. 37
Descritores: África Meridional | Moçambique | Lei de terras | Sector agrícola
Cota: PP936|AHM
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The state, settlers, and indigenes in the evolution of land law and policy in colonial Malawi / The International Journal of Áfrican historical Studies. - Vol. 23, nº 1 (1990), p 27-58
Descritores: Malavi | Lei de terras | Sector agrícola
Cota: PP1024|AHM

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