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Putting the history of white poverty in South África on the agenda / Christopher Saunders
In: South Áfrican Histoical Journal. - nº 28 (Maio 1993), p. 242-248
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Guide to the sources of the history of Africa south of the Sahara in the Netherlands / compil. M. P. H. Roessingh, W. Visser. - München : Verlag Dokumentation Saur KG, . - 241 p. ; 22 cm. - Netherlands state archives service)
Descritores: Arquivo | Biblioteca | História de África | Fontes históricas | Holanda | África Subsaariana
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A note on the history of the karakul breed of sheep in South-West África / Eric A. Nobbs
In: Archives year book for south african history. - Vol. 51 Nº 2 (1942), p. 267-272
Descritores: África Meridional | África do Sul | Ciências sociais
Cota: PP364|AHM

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