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Review essays and book reviews / Frank A. Salamone. - Elizabeth Isichei. A history of christianity in África : from antiquity to the present. Rosino Gibellini. Paths of african theology. Adrian Hastings. History of the christian church.. - Jon Miller. The social control of religious Zeal : a study of organizational contradictions.. - Ane Marie Bak Rasmussen. A history of the quaker movement in África. François Renault. Cardinal Lavigerie : churchman, profit, and missionary. Harvey J. Sindima. Drums of redemption : an introdution to african christianity.
In: Áfrican Studies Review. - Vol. 39, nº 3 (Dez. 1996), 179-185
Descritores: África | Teologia | Cristianismo
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Review essay and book reviews : Dead-end to develoopment? Post-cold War África in the new international division of labor / Larry A. Swatuk
In: Áfrican Studies Review. - Vol. 38, nº 1 (Abr. 1995), p. 103-117
Descritores: África | Desenvolvimento económico
Cota: PP958|AHM