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The development of Macau's foreign trade in the ming dynasty / Huang Qichen, Deng Kaisong. - Published by Instituto Cultural de Macau. - Existe versão em Chinês
In: Review of culture. - Vol. II, nº 6 (July/August/September1988), p. 24-31
Descritores: Ciências sociais | Macau
Cota: CS-2232|FCM
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The role of foreign trade in the rozui empire : a reappraisal / S.I. Mudenge
In: The Journal of Áfrican History - ISSN 0021-85 - Vol 15, nº 3 (1974), p. 373-391
Descritores: Moçambique | História | Economia
Cota: 137-E|Soc. Geog. Lx.
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A chinese scroll of the Ming Dynasty Ming Huang and Yang Kuei-Fei listening to music / George A. Rowley ; [adenda por] Alexander C.Soper
Descritores: Pintura | China | Dinastia Ming
Cota: PP037/AA|FO
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Paintings of the ming dynasty from the Palace Museum / Mayching Kao
In: Orientations. - V. 19, nº 10 (Out. 1988), pp. 42-48
Descritores: Pintura | China
Cota: PP019/O|FO

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